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Do more and spend less

No business has an infinite budget, but for SMBs, purchasing new software and servers and keeping it up to date may be cost-prohibitive. To help our customers do less with more, Network Thinking Solutions offers a wide variety of managed cloud services to meet your needs.

By leveraging cloud business solutions, you can rest assured that your network and data are protected, and you don’t need to shoulder the cost of new software purchases, upgrades, maintenance, or equipment costs. Our managed solutions help you stay at the forefront of your industry by providing access to the latest and most potent cloud solutions without breaking the bank.

Our Cloud Business Solutions

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Managed AWS

Network Thinking Solutions has been an official Amazon Partner (APN) for more than 10 years. Our experienced team has the expertise to help you with any AWS project and manage your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

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Server Monitoring

Our team monitors your servers in the cloud, using high-quality tools to ensure maximum performance and availability, in addition to proactively resolving problems before they become critical or lead to downtime.

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Managed Website 

We assist our clients with their website setup and provide monitoring services to safeguard them, as well as resolve issues quickly, to maximize security and uptime.  We can work with your website team or provide hosting services for you.

AWS cloud managed services

Network Thinking Solutions is proud to partner with technology leaders like Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer the latest managed cloud solutions for your business, allowing you to increase productivity while decreasing costs.

To get the most out of your managed AWS solution we use a variety of high-quality tools created by trusted partners, including Datadog, Druva CloudRanger, and CloudHealth to set up and tailor your AWS instance, backup your data and monitor your account to ensure no suspicious activity.

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Monitoring your managed AWS account

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We install and configure Datadog to monitor client systems on AWS and to provide you with access to their full suite of tools. We offer a custom dashboard giving you insight into your internal processes.
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We use CloudRanger to manage backups, replication and server scheduling. Along with monitoring your backups we grant you access to a custom portal so you can access your data backups at any time.

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We deploy CloudHealth to gather data and generate reports on any security or cost anomalies. You have access for cost billing and statement generation.

Start growing your business today

Take advantage of our managed AWS cloud services and other cloud business solutions to help you stay ahead of your competition while managing your costs effectively. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow.