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It takes more than just cutting-edge technology to get the best ROI; you need solutions that meet your needs as well as access to ongoing support.

High-Quality Tools, Expert Advice, & Ongoing Support

Network Thinking Solutions is proud to partner with technology leaders like AWS to offer the best managed solutions for your business, allowing you to increase productivity while decreasing costs.

To help you get the most out of your managed AWS solution, we use a variety of tools created by trusted partners, including Datadog, Druva CloudRanger, and CloudHealth, to set up and tailor your AWS account, backup your data, and monitor your account for suspicious activity.

We Offer the Tools You Need to Succeed

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Datadog allows us to monitor client systems on AWS. As part of your managed services contract, we will install and configure Datadog and provide you with access to their full suite of monitoring tools.

We are also pleased to offer custom dashboards to provide you with insight into your internal processes.

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Druva CloudRanger

As an early user of CloudRanger, we saw the benefits Druva brought to the table early on. We’ve found that Druva’s CloudRanger is ideal for managing instance backups, replication, and server scheduling.

As part of your managed services contract, we will set up and manage your backups. All NTS clients are also granted access to a custom portal, allowing you to access your data backups at any time.

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As an AWS channel partner, Network Thinking Solutions is able to setup AWS accounts that are tailored to suit your needs. As part of your managed services contract, we will use CloudHealth to gather data and generate reports on any security or cost anomalies.

All managed Network Thinking Solutions AWS clients are able to use CloudHealth for cost billing and statement generation.

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