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Streamlining Communications with a Centralized RingCentral Account

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April 15, 2024

by Tanner Valdes

If your organization operates multiple locations or sites, you know how challenging it can be to manage separate communication systems at each facility.   Transferring calls between sites, providing consistent user features, and efficient account administration are just some hurdles.  That’s why consolidating all your business communication into one centralized, multi-site RingCentral account can provide significant advantages. 

Cost Savings

With a centralized account, you may qualify for bulk discounts on user licenses, reducing your overall monthly costs. RingCentral offers more attractive pricing on higher tiers for larger deployments.

 Rapid Deployment

With a centralized setup, adding a new location is effortless. Simply add the new site as another “location” under your single account. Then, order the phones and the new facility will be ready for communication on the same day and configured consistently with your existing sites. 

Seamless Call Transfers

Inter-office call transfers become a seamless experience when all your locations reside under one account. Calls can flow freely between the corporate office, regional managers, administrators, and location staff without barriers.

Centralized Billing

Forget juggling multiple invoices and accounts. Your centralized RingCentral setup consolidates all billing and expenses into one streamlined invoice, with the option to allocate costs to different “cost centers” for reporting by location.

Text Messaging

Only one telecom carrier registration (TCR) is required to activate SMS/text messaging capabilities across your entire centralized deployment. Then any user can leverage text communications as needed.

Premium Features

As a larger, centralized account, you’ll have access to more premium RingCentral capabilities, such as advanced call reporting, enhanced administration controls, and integration with productivity platforms like Office 365.

Custom Reporting

Leverage RingCentral’s call analytics capabilities across your centralized system. Automatically distribute performance reports with call metrics and KPIs to regional managers overseeing multiple locations.

Automated Offboarding

When integrated with Office 365 or other user directory services, employees terminated through your HR system will automatically have their RingCentral user accounts and access deprovisioned for seamless offboarding.

By consolidating your multi-site communication requirements into a centralized RingCentral deployment, you’ll not only reduce costs through bulk discounts but also gain enhanced capabilities, streamlined account management, hassle-free new site deployments, and the ability to provide consistent communication services across all your business locations. It’s a powerful strategy to improve efficiency and unify your distributed organization.

Implementing RingCentral with NTS is easy.

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