Enhancing WiFi ConnecƟvity: Seƫng Up a 42.5Acre WiFi Network at Enhancing Wi-Fi Connectivity Across a 42 Acre RV Resort
Munds Park RV Resor

October 19, 2023

by Richard Marquart

Increasing coverage, increasing  customer satisfaction

In today’s digital age access to a strong and reliable Wi-Fi network is essential for both work and play. That’s why one of our customers owning an RV Resort invested in a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network to cover its sprawling 42-acre property. Some of the details of this exciting project included the installation of 21 additional 25′ fiberglass Wi-Fi poles, Ubiquiti Wi-Fi UAPs, AirMax IsoStations, and weatherproof enclosures.

Expanding coverage with 21 additional 25′ fiberglass Wi-Fi Poles

One of the first steps in enhancing the Wi-Fi network at this RV Resort was to expand the coverage area to a newly developed section of the property.  We installed 21 additional 25′ fiberglass Wi-Fi poles strategically throughout the resort to achieve this. These tall poles optimize the signal coverage area and ensure minimal dead zones, providing campers and guests with a consistent connection wherever they are in the resort.

Ubiquiti Wi-Fi UAP: Powering High -Speed Internet

The heart of the enhanced Wi-Fi network is the Ubiquiti UAP, a high-performance access point known for its reliability and speed. These access points were placed at key locations around the resort, ensuring that all visitors can connect to the internet seamlessly. Whether relaxing in their RVs, enjoying a meal at the resort’s restaurant, or strolling through the beautiful grounds, one can expect a fast and stable connection.

AirMax IsoStations: Minimizing Interference

We deployed Ubiquiti AirMax IsoStations on each Wi-Fi pole. Each AirMax IsoStation connects wirelessly to a Ubiquiti RocketPrism with a 40MHz channel width to maximize data throughput. These impressive devices minimize interference and maximize each radio’s link potential. This is critically important in a crowded radio frequency environment like an RV resort, where many devices are connected simultaneously.

Weatherproof Enclosures with Surge Protectors: Protect the Investment

The unpredictable weather conditions at this RV Resort located in the mountains in Arizona make it crucial to protect the network equipment.  At each Wi-Fi pole, we installed a weatherproof enclosure that houses electrical power sources for each Ubiquiti Wi-Fi UAP and AirMax IsoStation. This shields the electrical components from rain, dust, and other extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, surge protectors are installed to safeguard the equipment from unexpected power surges or lightning strikes, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the Wi-Fi network.

Investing in Network and Wi-Fi infrastructure with NTS is easy

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RV Resort heat map
Wi-Fi coverage across entire property
RV Resort Poles
Wi-Fi Poles
RV Resort Pole Spacing
Pole locations across a vast RV Resort