Managed IT Services in Santa Barbara: The New Era of IT

September 8, 2021

Many organizations tend to roll out remote managed IT services as part of their business strategy as globalization arises. Managed services typically involves the delegation of a third-party business organization dedicated to handling IT responsibilities. These services are delivered from the managed service provider to the client, and the MSP is responsible for the entire business IT system.  Network Thinking Solutions offers business hours support in Santa Barbara (active alerting after hours and response), proactive monitoring, reporting, issue resolution, and IT support for a flat rate over a given period.

Using managed IT services in your organization guarantees you high-quality tools, experts, advice, and ongoing support. Therefore, you can get a better solution, to boost your business productivity level.  Reach out to discuss the tools we use.

Thanks to cloud computing, Network Thinking Solutions is able to deploy support beyond Santa Barbara that tends to be constrained through infrastructure, platform and the adoption of software as a service. Managed services can scale at a rate that is significantly higher than in-house IT operations. Here are some of the benefits that come with this new era of IT management:

·       Cost-effective Services

Have you thought about how this era of IT management can impact your business? It ensures that you obtain high-quality services from a highly specialized team of IT professionals who are ready to help you. It will save you the cost of acquiring internal resources without competing compensation benefits.

·       Improved Operational Efficiency

Deploying remote managed IT service providers helps assist internal staff and makes your business more efficient. And with increased operating efficiencies, employees will be able to continue to focus on their job responsibilities without extended downtime.

·       Dreaded Downtime

All customers would prefer a site that runs as fast as possible regardless of business size. Sometimes your corporate site may experience interruptions from time to time that raise significant concerns about failing search engine result pages. Your business website can also be declared to have violated cybersecurity policy. In the new era of IT management, we say goodbye to these problems that come from the dreaded downtime. Having a full-time managed IT team available 24/7 keeps you up at running 99.9% of the time.

·       Business Continuity

When operating a business, never presume that your data is as secure as you think it is. Cloud services help you safely back up your data and deploy disaster recovery solutions during a sudden downtime. Managed IT services and data-driven IT strategies ensure your data is protected. You’ll be on the safe side, of a blind belief, that your information is backed up with a web application you are using.

Remote IT management strategies help to eliminate risks that result from poor planning. Being proactive and secure protects your business environment. Don’t be left behind in the ever-changing IT world with your company’s overall growth.


Whenever we need an AWS server spun up we simply pop NTS an email and they take care of it immediately, as well as manage it going forward.  They’re very proactive in letting us know when more resources are needed and even when they are not, so we can downsize the instance and save money.   They take care of the infrastructure so we can focus on our development efforts.

- Scott

We appreciate their availability and how quickly they resolve any issues we are having.   They know their stuff and we’re thankful for their support.

- Joy

NTS is really helpful. They took care of the problem promptly and with ease. But what really made the difference was the friendliness and courtesy in how they handled themselves and our staff. Really appreciated their help and caring!

- John