NTS Becomes Webroot Partner

October 15, 2017

Looking to increase our portfolio of products, we have recently partnered with Webroot as an MSP Partner and started offering Webroot to our clients. We also are looking to use this on our clients Amazon EC2 and Workspace endpoints in the coming weeks also onS



Whenever we need an AWS server spun up we simply pop NTS an email and they take care of it immediately, as well as manage it going forward.  They’re very proactive in letting us know when more resources are needed and even when they are not, so we can downsize the instance and save money.   They take care of the infrastructure so we can focus on our development efforts.

- Scott

We appreciate their availability and how quickly they resolve any issues we are having.   They know their stuff and we’re thankful for their support.

- Joy

NTS is really helpful. They took care of the problem promptly and with ease. But what really made the difference was the friendliness and courtesy in how they handled themselves and our staff. Really appreciated their help and caring!

- John